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This page highlights some of Booger Roux's YouTube video's.

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Booger Roux Slide Show  

Baby to America's Favorite Pet

In this episode, view a slide show of Booger Roux from his baby photos until today as America's Favorite Pet.
He is such a sweet kitty and he is always moving so it makes it difficult to get photos.
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Roux gets 2 Large Thunder Shirts with Embroidery!

In this episode, Booger Roux opens fan mail & finds 2 large Thunder Shirts with his name embroidered on them. They are so nice and they fit great.
Booger Roux loves all his fans.
Have a blessed day. Thanks for viewing.

Booger Roux gets his nails (claws) trimmed!

In this episode, Booger Roux gets his claws trimmed. He has had this done forever. He is so easy to work with. Back when he was little I rewarded him with a treat after it was done. Now he enjoys it because he wants the treat.#AmericasFavoritePet

Booger Roux Runs fast on the Wheel

In this episode, Booger Roux runs very fast on the wheel.